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#jadainstaslamALLOPEN winner

Thank you for those of you that submitted! Here are the winners of this week’s #jadainstaslam theme, #jadainstaslamALLOPEN. Congratulations to @killermikegto, @kausandramawan and @eduardomaida.

We will showcase their photos on social media and they will be immortalized here at Jada Headquarters by having a special place on our #JadaWall.

If you didn’t get a chance to participate, we will have more opportunities soon, so be sure to check back often.

Don’t forget to show the participants some love and check out their Instagram profiles and follow us @JadaClub and check out our Facebook for more updates.


All right, everyone. This week’s theme is #jadainstaslamALLOPEN. Go grab a Jada die cast, pop the hood and open the doors! Extra points for creativity. Next Tuesday, we will choose our top picks and they will earn a special place on our #JadaWall. To add a little bit incentive, the very best image will take over our Facebook cover photo for the week.

To submit, upload a photo of your image to Instagram or Facebook and use the hashtag #jadainstaslamALLOPEN. Also, be sure to tag us @jadaclub and use the additional hashtags #jadatoys #jadaclub #jadainstaslam.

Next Tuesday, we will chose our top picks and showcase them here on our website, as well as on our Facebook and Instagram. Also, the winners will be immortalized on our #JadaWall and take over our Facebook cover photo for the week.

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