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Making Die Cast Look Real Contest

Alright Folks! Here is the next contest!! Get your camera’s ready.

We want you to take a picture of a Jada die cast but make it look like a real car in real world settings. For example, Heat or Hero Patrol on the street, Big Time 4 Wheelin’ off-roading, Battle Machines in a post apocalyptic scene. The key here is make it looks like a real car and not a toy.

There are techniques that you can do to make it look real. Some have shown me some real creative ideas.

-Must contain Jada Toys die cast only.
-Photoshop is OK
-One submission per email address
-Must be your own photo
-Cannot be an image already posted on the Jada Facebook page
-To qualify, pictures must be emailed following the submission format below.
-Pictures posted to the Jada Facebook page prior to the picture submission deadline will not qualify.


-All qualifying entries will be judged by Jada Toys employees.
-Each judge will have 3 votes each
-Judges will not know who submitted each picture
-Judging will be based on how much the die cast looks like a real car rather than a toy

The PRIZE!!:
The winner will receive a 1/24 Option D Subaru Impreza WRX STi signed by the designer who created the graphics on the car; Glenn Depuno

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