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Finding Jada

By: Peter Demmon

I have always collected toy cars. Some of the earliest pictures my parents have of me show me with fists full of cars. The theme has always been muscle. I am a sucker for almost any powerful vehicle from the 60′s through the early 70′s.

Growing up, a lot of the toy muscle cars that I got my hands on were just too extreme. They didn’t have that practical late night cruise down main street feel. They were all built for the track. How can one really look over an engine that dwarfs the cab in order to see the road?

A few years ago as an adult with the purchasing power to realize my affinity for cars in full-size, drivable form, I purchased a 1966 Mustang with a .351 under the hood. But I didn’t lose interest in the toys either. I just narrowed my interest to toy cars that had the same vibe as my vehicle and started looking for those that, like mine, were pushing the boundaries of traditional muscle, but still retained that which made them classic. See, my car needs some work, and I was looking for inspiration.

I spent many late nights scouring collector websites looking for toy Mustangs. I was looking for toys that were heavy duty enough to have on my desk at work, but also cool enough that I would actually want to own them in real life.

In this process, I came across the Jada Toys site. And as I dug into what Jada had to offer, I discovered the BIGTIME MUSCLE and OLD SKOOL Dub City lines of cars.

The thing that I have noticed and grown to love about the Jada BIGTIME MUSCLE line is that these are toy cars that I have seen elements of on the road, elements that I would like to incorporate into my own car.

The BIGTIME MUSCLE car line is a line of toys that understands what the contemporary feel is on the street. My car is lowered, and I have the meaty 16s on it. Lowrider chic is where customizing has gone. The lifted back end and the huge dragster wheels are a thing of the past. People’s heads turn when the car is slammed to the ground and growling.

Jada has helped me visualize where I want to go with the style of my own Mustang.

Currently, I am collecting the BIGTIME MUSCLE series, and focusing on any and all Mustangs that show up. The BIGTIME MUSCLE 1:32 series has the Shelby GT-500 which might be the sexiest vehicle I have ever seen. I am partial to the Charcoal colored one. With its striping it looks absolutely lethal. The BIGTIME MUSCLE 1:24, 1965 Mustang is another car I can’t stop looking at. Jada offers it as a wallpaper in the downloads section, and I have it on my laptop at home. It has been modified in such a way as to totally change the way I consider and appreciate Mustang design. The kind of revelation that I have looking at this car is the kind of revelation that I was after as a kid. There is a perspective of craftsmanship and love for vehicles that I don’t think I have seen before.

But it isn’t all about the muscle. Jada takes old concepts and adds a level of street class to them. An example of this is the DUB CITY Old Skool 1:24 1963 Lincoln Continental. This is a beautiful translation of an already beautiful car. The 1963 Lincoln was already majestic before any modifications. Suicide doors have always turned heads. But to drop it this low and put those rims on it? To shave the door handles off? Suddenly, the vehicle is even more powerful–a magnificent beast. No other car image wallpaper has compelled my attention the way this one has.

“Is this thing even possible?” Was my first question when I saw Jada’s interpretation of the Lincoln. With other lines of toys, this is a common question. However, with other lines of toys, it is an easier concept to dismiss. With Jada, I am forced to study the mechanics and the wheel base. I am drawn into this beautiful rendition of a car that
I already love and I have to find a way to make it work. It has to work! There is going to come a day when I am going to have a pocket full of money, and I am going to buy this car and I am going to cruise in it. Jada’s toy car lines make the dreams of such adventures tenable.

I can’t wait to see what they have coming next.

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