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Starting a Collection

By Andy Goodman


The first thing you need to ask yourself when starting a collection is what do I look for?  The best advice any collector can give you is to collect what interests you.  If you love imports, collect imports. If you have a passion for muscle cars, then collect muscle cars.  Build your collection around the eras and styles that you admire.   Now, that you have decided what to collect, the next thing to consider is what scale to collect. Most small die casts are 1/64th scale; however, there are larger collectibles as well. Remember, that when it comes to scale factor, the larger the number the smaller the car.  For example, a 1:64th is smaller than a 1:24th which is smaller than a 1:18th.  Your collection should be based on your preferences.  Collect a specific vehicle make such as Mustangs or Skylines.  Collect specific lines such as Heat Patrol or Big Time Muscle.  Collect a scale such as 1:64th or 1:24th or mix and match as you please.

It’s all up to you. Something else to consider is display space.   If you only have a small area to display your collectibles, you may want to choose a smaller scale such as 1:64th.  If you do have ample room and want to cover your walls with beauty, you may choose to go with 1:18th scale vehicles.  Another consideration when deciding how to display your collection is whether to set them free or leave them in their original packaging.  Some collect for pure enjoyment. They are not thinking of investment purposes and are therefore more inclined to open the packages. This type of collector may purchase vehicles that remind him/her of their childhood or past memories.  Others collect for investment purposes. This does not mean it’s all about the money, but to some the passion is also looked at as an investment.  This type of collector leaves his/her collection in the manufacture’s original packaging.

When purchasing your first or thousandth diecast, check for details just as you would when buying a real vehicle. For instance, the paint should be brilliant not dull. The graphics should be crisp and clean and the moving parts such as the hood, doors, and wheels should move easily and fit properly.   Just as with 1:1 scale cars, diecast cars do come off of an assembly line and therefore may be subject to imperfections.

Die-cast car collecting is a hobby that each member of the family can contribute to.   It can be a great way to bond with your spouse and or children.  There are all kinds of events such as hobby shows and swap meets where you never know what you will stumble across. It also can be fun when you go with your kid(s) to your local retailers hunting down specific pieces you are looking to acquire.

It’s that simple, there are no rules except collect what makes you happy, enjoy and remember it’s about having fun!  It’s about the people you meet, the friends you make and the family time that’s most important when collecting.



Andy Goodman


Die Cast X Magazine


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