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Here it is, the launch of the NEW #JadaInstaslam. This week’s theme is RIMS. Show off your favorite Jada rims and next week, we will pick our favorite(s) and feature them on, as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

To officially enter, be sure to tag your photos #jadainstaslamRIMS. Also, don’t forget to tag us @jadaclub #jadainstaslam #jadaclub #jadatoys!

You can find like us on Facebook and follow us onInstagram.

Changes to #JadaInstaslam

We have some exciting news regarding our #JadaInstaslam on Instagram.

Instead of its current format where we highlight one image per day, we will challenge our fan’s creativity. Starting next Tuesday, March 25, we will switch to a weekly format and announce a new theme every week where you can continue to show us your love of Jada diecasts as well as demonstrate your creative abilities. At the end of the week, we will choose our favorite picture(s) and showcase your images via Instagram, Facebook and at

Of course, you can still continue to use #JadaInstagram to show us your favorite Jada diecasts, your extensive collection or whatever else you like. Who knows, you might win a prize through our #JadaInstaslam of the year giveaway or end up on our wall at Jada Toys. So keep posting away!

You can check and follow us on Instagram @JadaClub

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