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Take a tour of Jada HQ with Wong Fu

You have all seen the video where Wong Fu used our products as parts of the story. Well we invited them out to our offices to take a tour, play with some new toys. We let them pretty much do what they wanted… well almost.

Enjoy the show. Make sure you like and share the video with your friends!!

Jada’s Battle Machines + Wong Fu Productions

Jada’s Battle Machines had the privileged of being part of the latest short written, directed, produced and edited by Wong Fu Productions. If you are not familiar with them, then you must check them out. These guys are a huge hit on with their witty, comedic films that are sure to get you laughing.

The latest video to hit the web is a short called “Recess Court!” Be sure to check it out!!


Be sure to like the video and share with your friends!!

Awesome Road Rats Photo

Searching around the web, I stumbled across this tumblr blog dedicated to beautiful automobile pictures. This site has some awesome stuff!! My favorite has to be this shot of 2 rat rods cruising down the highway. The only thing missing is the sparks from the frame scraping.


Come visit Jada at DubFest 2011!
September 11, 2011

Come visit Jada Toys along with our friends at Promax as we show you some cool cars and cool toys.

We will be bringing out our Battle Machines Go-Karts, new die cast and R/C’s

Come and check them out!!

For more information check out

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