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2011 Wek’fest Long Beach

Weksos industries, in collaboration with Fatlace, were proud to announce their partnership for the 2011 Weksos x Fatlace Wekfest USA Tour with their first stop being in Long Beach. In general, Wekfest is one of the larger events that is read and heard about all throughout the car community. There were a variety of cars from many different genres being showcased. What we absolutely loved was that Wekfest was not about one specific car scene, but a mix of scenes exposing its attendees to multiple custom car cultures.

The highlight of the day was definitely being able to be apart of the Promax Motorsports group. Originally, the plan was to roll with Promax to cover the event. However, Promax owner, Anthony, asked if we would like to drive one of his exotics to the show… and of course, we accepted. My partner and I had jumped at the opportunity to drive his Mercedes SL 63 AMG and his Nissan GTR R35. In our opinion, team Promax stole the show as we were getting ready to line the cars up. Promax went home winning Euro First Place, Exotic Class First and Second Place, and Mercedes Class Second Place. It was definitely one of the best car show experiences in recent memory.

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