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Did you know? – High Profile ’57 Chevy Suburban

Many of you collectors may have seen this High Profile 1:64 Chevy Suburban before, but did you know there a variant exists? There was an earlier production version that featured the older style packaging, as well as a purple color scheme instead of red.

So if you ever come across one of those, be sure to get it! Let us know how you got it!


Alright guys, this week’s theme is simple. Show off your Jada collection! That’s it. Let’s see who is the most hardcore Jada collector.

To enter, upload a photo of your Jada collection on Instagram and use the hashtag #jadainstaslamCOLLECTION. Also, be sure to tag us @jadaclub and use the additional hashtags #jadatoys #jadaclub #jadainstaslam.

Next Tuesday, we will chose our favorites and showcase them here, as well as on our Facebook and Instagram. Also, the winners will be immortalized on our Jada wall. Let’s see what you got!

Ralph’s ’63 Vette Project

James Green from Jada’s Facebook page did an amazing job customizing this ’63 Vette from our For Sale line. Not only did he customized the car, he also did a whole story line around it! With a full video of the build no less! Not your typical build video. It’s much more! Check it out.

Here are some pictures!

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