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Did you know? – High Profile ’57 Chevy Suburban

Many of you collectors may have seen this High Profile 1:64 Chevy Suburban before, but did you know there a variant exists? There was an earlier production version that featured the older style packaging, as well as a purple color scheme instead of red.

So if you ever come across one of those, be sure to get it! Let us know how you got it!


Alright guys, this week’s theme is simple. Show off your Jada collection! That’s it. Let’s see who is the most hardcore Jada collector.

To enter, upload a photo of your Jada collection on Instagram and use the hashtag #jadainstaslamCOLLECTION. Also, be sure to tag us @jadaclub and use the additional hashtags #jadatoys #jadaclub #jadainstaslam.

Next Tuesday, we will chose our favorites and showcase them here, as well as on our Facebook and Instagram. Also, the winners will be immortalized on our Jada wall. Let’s see what you got!

HelLA Occupy Little Tokyo

On December 11th, 2011, I left my house just east of Downtown LA at 6am to get parking. Why so early you ask? Occupy Little Tokyo is a take off the Occupy movement. The organizers thought it would be cool if we could line all the public street parking around one square block of Little Tokyo with fixed up cars. Parking is free on Sunday and that area of Downtown L.A. gets pretty busy so going early was a must.

We arrived about 6:15 to find that 98% of the free spots were filled. There were even cars cruising around trying to find a prime spot in front of the Illest Boutique (the organizers of the event).

This was not a car show. It felt more like a cars and coffee or a meet and greet but it was fun non-the-less.

Other shops involved besides the Illest Boutique are:
Standard Functions
RIF Los Angeles
Royal Origin
Team Supastar

Check out our Facebook page for more pictures.

Ralph’s ’63 Vette Project

James Green from Jada’s Facebook page did an amazing job customizing this ’63 Vette from our For Sale line. Not only did he customized the car, he also did a whole story line around it! With a full video of the build no less! Not your typical build video. It’s much more! Check it out.

Here are some pictures!

Stance:Nation COE Article

If you don’t know the site Stance:Nation, then you are really missing out on some crazy 1:1 customs. They cover different scenes with one common thread. STANCE! Low, flush, tucked, frame scrapers, stretched… you will find the sickest dropped cars on this site.

With that being said, they have an article featuring one crazy 1951 Chevy COE. This one is done in a similar fashion as our For Sale line and I LOVE IT!! Make sure to check it out!!

Source: Stance:Nation

Car Kicks

Looking through car magazines and browsing car sites to check out the latest rims reminds me of my pre-driving days when I was collecting sneakers… well I never really collected sneakers because I didn’t have the money to buy all of the ones I wanted. I guess that’s why I get all nostalgic when looking at rims. I can’t have them all and it brings me back to that feeling I had when the new Penny’s or a new AF1 colorway came out.

Just like sneakers, rim styles change but at the same time there are a few that will always be in style.

One of my all time favorite rims is a JDM classic; SSR Supermesh.

These rims worked on old school 1972 Datsun 240z’s to late model Mazda Miata’s. I have even seen them 2010 GTi’s! If I could find them just to have them in my garage, I would totally jump on a set.

Nothing means business more than Centerline’s Solid Face Auto Drags!

If you are rocking these rims on the street, your car better be able to justify having them because they don’t just look good, they also says that there is a lot of power under the hood.

Now my favorite rim in today’s market has got to be Douglas Wheel Technologies Rockstars!

Ok, ok.. I know these are not car rims, but hear me out. One of the trends in rims that is starting to catch on a bit more are concave rims. That is when the rim is designed to curve from the outer edge of the rim down into the center creating like a bowl. Volk has been doing that with their TE37′S for some time, but these Rockstar wheel have got to be the best representation of concave rims on anything that is drivable on the street. I love deep dish rims, but deep concave is FRESH!

Just like when shopping for shoes, sometimes timeless classics are just the right fit. But every once in a while a new design comes out that catches your attention and screams in your face saying, “I AM IT!” This look does that for me and I cant wait to see more of it on the streets.

I am totally considering them for my Ruckus… **sigh** Only if I had the money.

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Awesome Road Rats Photo

Searching around the web, I stumbled across this tumblr blog dedicated to beautiful automobile pictures. This site has some awesome stuff!! My favorite has to be this shot of 2 rat rods cruising down the highway. The only thing missing is the sparks from the frame scraping.


Custom Navigator R/C

Jada Lincoln Navigator Custom 1:12 Scale, built by Trevor Heckford AKA Metalhead from

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